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19 February 2007

Kansas Trip Photos

Well, I just plugged in my digital camera for the first time since I've been here in Kansas and up pop a handful of pictures that I took on the trip down here. So here they are for all of you to enjoy. There are also a couple of pictures of my canine roommates - Corona is the brown pit-bull and Moses (Moe for short) is the dopey looking hound. If you're eagerly awaiting my next hyper-intelligent, enlightening post then have no fear, one will be arriving shortly.


Pat said...

By the look of those pictures it appears Jeremy and I may well have been driving a couple of escaped mental patients to Kansas. Luring them into the Volvo with prospects of nasty cheese and a cute dog.

Brendan said...

mostly the nasty cheese, though I must say the dog helped. thanks for helping us to escape the hospital by the way, I am much happier and healthier in my pile of feces and used condoms down by the docks. When the fish salesman comes by he lets me have some heads, and the rain doesn't fall too hard here. snow is bad though, my hands don't seem to grip the same nowadays. when I get back home, when I am better, I will have to get myself looked at. but I can't go back right now, and I want to thank you for helping me get away. My life at work and with family and at home, and feeding the cat and walking the dog and wondering about american idol and listening to classic rock and trying to open the pickle jars was wearing me thin. I can finally think now. I can finally relax.

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