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17 May 2007

What Kind of Anarchist is You?

You scored as Anarcho-Primitivist. Anarcho-Primitivism questions not only the state and capitalism but all the institutions which make up 'civilisation' including technology. It is perhaps the most recent development within the anarchist movement and key thinkers include John Zerzan.











Christian Anarchist


What kind of Anarchist are you?
created with

The questions are a little skewed and contain some assumptions that I don't like, but it pegged me. Let me know what you are.


pat said...

Not that I feel a computer program can accurately judge my person--one once told me I'll grow up to be a construction worker; well, maybe I'm just banking on their inability to do so--but I also scored an...


Anarcho-Primitivist 50%
Anarcho-Capitalist 30%
Anarcho-Communist 30%
Anarcho-Syndicalist 25%
Christian Anarchist 20%
Anarcha-Feminist 15%

Sadly it appears I, unlike you, hate woman. oh, and Jesus.


Jeremy Trombley said...

Pat, you'll never get laid like that, and getting laid is what being a feminist is all about, right? :)
I'm right there with you on the computers thing though. Personalities are too complex to decipher in a handful of questions. I just thought it might be interesting. What's more interesting than the one it picks for you is the overall distribution. You're 30% anarcho-capitalist? You neoliberal prick!

Brendan said...

So Guys, guess I'm a communist:
Anarcho-Communist 70%
Anarcha-Feminist 60%
Anarcho-Primitivist 50%
Christian Anarchist 50%
Anarcho-Syndicalist 40%
Anarcho-Capitalist 20%

I mean, I spose I saw this coming. it's kind of like finding out you've got aids after sleeping around with like fifty grungy people. I'm a people person, more than faith in god, or faith in technology, or faith in money, or faith in science, I always just gotta have faith in people. I would have argued the basis for about 80% of those questions though, I mean, who's to say that to start a revolution we have to choose either the workers or the marginalised groups? And why aren't the individual and the community equally important?
Anyway, You Ecoterrorists can go screw a tree! I'm gonna get laid with communist chicks!

Jeremy Trombley said...

Right on Brendan! Almost every question except the anarcho-primitivist ones presupposes an industrial society too. Why should that be the ideal that everyone strives for? But that just reveals my anarcho-primitivist bias even more I guess.

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