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05 May 2008

Brewing Chicha - El Día Decimo

I can't seem to get this picture to appear get the idea though.

Today I began the fermentation of the chicha. After class, I drove out to the invasive retail district of Lawrence and went around to Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, World Market, Pier One, and finally Target to find something to ferment it in. The best thing I found was this 2.5 gallon glass jar with a glass lid. It'll do, but for next time I'd like to try to find something better - what I need is a friend who throws clay who can make me a large jug, but I'll probably just buy a carboy.
When I got home, I cleaned it out thoroughly, borrowing some of my roommate's mouthwash to sterilize it a bit. With it all cleaned out I poured it in, sprinkled the yeast on the top and waited 10 minutes like the guy at the brewing supply store said. When I came back the yeast had dissolved on the top and begun to sink down into the chicha, so I gave it a little stir and then carried it into my room. As I write it's sitting in the corner by my bed with a towel over it (yeast likes the darkness) and it's bubbling away. When I put my ear to it, I can hear the bubbles forming and popping - really cool!
Thursday afternoon will be three days. I might see how it tastes tomorrow, but I'm thinking of getting some friends together for the final tasting on Friday (Stop Day...Wooohoo!). Happy cinco de mayo everyone!

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