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01 May 2008

Brewing Chicha - El Día Sexto

This evening, I came home from work and looked over my corn sprouts. They were still happy and healthy and the acrospires had grown to about the size of the kernels. I sat on my bed debating whether or not to start the drying phase - the article says th acrospires should be twice as long as the kernels, but it's been three days and I don't want them to start molding on me. So to see how things were going I popped one into my mouth and chewed. Almost instantly my mouth was flooded with sweet goodness that tasted remarkably similar to your average high fructose corn syrup drink. Taking this as a good sign I decided to go ahead with the dry.
We've had this dehydrator sitting around the house for a long time with no-one putting it to any use. I cleaned it off and plugged it in to see how it worked and low and behold we got air flow! I loaded the kernels onto a few layers of racks and set it going on the lowest temperature (I want to protect the fragile sugar molecules). Hopefully I'll have them dry this weekend and then it's time for the milling!

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