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30 June 2008

Happy 10K Day to Me

Well, today is my 10,000th day on this planet - quite an achievement in some respects. I had hoped to make a big deal about it; get some friends together, have a party, maybe brew some chicha, etc. But things just didn't work out this time. C'est la vie. Maybe it will work out better for my 15K day (when I'm about 40 years old, I suspect).
In any case, I'm thinking of all of you, my friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful Summer.


Josh said...

Happy 10k (sorry I missed it by so long heh)
My 10k was on Christmas last year. Does that give me some kind of messianic creds?

Jeremy Trombley said...

Not a problem, Josh. I really believe that it is generally the responsibility of the celebrated rather than that of the celebrators to initiate and promote the celebration. I was going to make a big deal about it, as I mentioned in the post, but it ended up being very poorly timed. Many of the people that I would have liked to celebrate with were either out of town or busy, and I wasn't feeling too good myself. Life goes on and there will be plenty of other opportunities to celebrate.

You ARE Jesus Frank Lloyd Wright!

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