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06 June 2008

Mark Osborne's "More"

Hey everyone. I just came across this video and thought that it goes well with the theme that's been going on here for the past few weeks. It's a video called More by Mark Osborne. In my opinion it's about how we seek to fill those empty spaces inside of us (brought about by the alienation and individuation of modern life) with products (advertising works by implanting in our minds the idea that product X equals happiness, social life, sex, love, comfort, etc). It always fails because those products don't fill those spaces - they can't. But instead of looking for the actual things that will fill those holes we continue to buy products that we mistakenly think will fill them for us, thus driving the consumer economy.
It's not our fault though - there are a lot of things going into this relationship that are beyond our control. For example, for the most part we simply lack those social structures that would fill the spaces - in a lot of cases they need to be rebuilt or rediscovered. The modern system requires the disintegration of social networks (family, community, etc.) otherwise no-one would buy the products and no one would be willing to work for it.
That's all for now. A warning, though, the video is a little depressing.

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