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30 August 2008


Everyday we make choices. Sometimes Choices are made for us. But we have no way of knowing how those choices will play out in the long run - we can only guess. We try to make the best choices we can or to deal with things in the best way possible, but we can only hope that what we think is going to happen actually happens.
In reality, there's nothing we can do. We make our choices and we deal with the consequences - good or bad. For the most part, life goes up and down - there are good times and bad times no matter what choices we make. Really, our choices only determine the particular character of the good and bad times, not the actual quality of the times. We can't really choose the good over the bad because we can't know for sure how things will play out.
So we go through life. That's all we can do. We make our choices, based mostly on what we want right here and now or on some vague sense of what we'll want for the future. We deal with the consequences. That's all there is to it. It's not beautiful. It's not deep. It's not philosophical. It is what it is and nothing more. The End. Happy Friday!

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btmc said...

Man you said it, strange that you should write this, as I'm trying to decide where to live, looking at apartments and every one just isn't quite right and I'm waiting for that one that feels right. I don't know if everyone makes choices like that, I don't know if I'll ever find one that actually feels right.
Maybe if you'd written this fifteen days ago I'd have been trying to decide which job to take, or I'd be worried whether I should buy this kind of cereal or that. I wonder if no matter what time it is, I'm trying to make some stupid hard ass choice. I wonder if the secret to happiness is the enjoyment of choice making, or shopping. or maybe the secret is finding a situation that requires no choice. I was working today, at a hotel, and one of the clients mentioned that he hated shopping, and that his new Bentley(very nice car) he bought because his wife made him do it. I wonder if the good thing about marriage is that you get to stop making all the decisions, so you get to inherit consequences, sort of like fate. or do we create fate and whatnot to counteract our misgivings about former decisions, to make an end to second guessing we say amen(so be it).
Anyway, I guess I'm just making something very simple much more complex.
You said it Jeremy.

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