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07 December 2008

New Toy

So I found this new toy - Wordle - a while back, but I've only just had a chance to play around with it for myself. Basically it's a tool that creates an artistic looking word cloud from any text you enter. That is, it counts the words in the text and shows the frequency the words by their size in the image. Then it arranges them randomly on the page - and you can change the colors, font, style, etc. - to make it look the way you want it. Above I have a wordle that I created using the text of Barack Obama's DNC speech (I'll explain why later). And this one is a wordle of this here blog of mine. Fun stuff - let's see what you guys can come up with!


emmett said...

Here's mine Jem, this thing is a fun toy!

Malarcky De Sade is a new stage name I came up with for if I'm ever in a band.

idyllhands said...

In honor of my daughter (born on the date it was signed back in 1787) I did one with the text of the Constitution

Here's the Declaration of Independence

Locke's Second Treatise of Government

Nice tool. I like the idea of using it to analyze speeches (especially those of a political nature)

idyllhands said...

(It's Josh btw...this is my google acct)

Jeremy Trombley said...

This one is cool for its artistic value, but I recently found a better site for doing actual textual analysis. Go to and click on the "Text Analysis and Statistics" link under "Tools." The site is actually for ESL stuff, but you can enter any text and it'll give you all kinds of neat information on it (reading level, lexical density, word cloud, word frequency, etc.). The basic one only does up to 10k words, but if you register (for free) it will do up to 100k words.

idyllhands said...

Hm..looks like their PHP is broken currently. I'll have to check back in later.

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