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03 June 2009

What're You Up To? Wednesday #8

Hey everyone, this will be a quick (and late) WYUT?W.
This last weekend I went with Megan and Puck to Wichita for Megan's graduation party. We left on Saturday and came back on Monday. Before we left Monday, we went to the Wichita Zoo, which was fun - I'll post a couple of pictures later on.
Mostly, I've been working on the OAC stuff which has moved to a Ning network (here), and has grown to over 500 members. It's been hectic at times, and I've opted for a low key role at the moment. However, a lot of cool projects are already starting to come out of it, like an Environmental Anthropology Resources Wiki, and a map of anthropological theory. I'll post more about them another time.
Now, I'm going to watch Red with Megan. Have a nice week, and let me know what yer up to!


btmc said...

Ariely video was very interesting, it would be fun to read his book and "blink" by Malcolm Gladwell as a compare and contrast, could write an article about it.
Just met a fellow today who was coming back to the tenderloin district of San Francisco from across the bay, having spent time in oakland at a rehab and homeless shelter. He said that he liked alot of the program, spaghetti, lasagna, fried chicken, etc. but that it wasn't exactly what he had expected. He was told that he'd have a bed and meals, and he'd be working to earn these things. but he wasn't told that he'd be panhandling, that his work would be sitting outside of grocery stores begging, and that he had to earn a certain quota at this begging, or he'd be kicked out. The fella's name is Prophet, and he's a hustler, likes to perform for money on the street, but he doesn't beg, and he didn't cotton to their jive.
I think this is an interesting story.
I'm in San Francisco right now. I came back one week ago, left portland at 2:30am on thursday of last week. I was awakened at 2am on the thursday of last week by a social worker calling my phone, calling from San Francisco General Hospital, explaining that my friend Dan Field had fallen from a roof top and was seriously injured. I arrived in San Francisco on Thursday at 2:30pm, having slept an hour at dawn. Dan is well. He woke up and spoke today, for the first time since he fell. the doctors are telling us that they expect a full recovery. This is far more than we ever expected. When I woke up last week I thought he was dead. Now I have my friend back. it's been a strange week. with such a happy ending.
I'm now trying to convince myself to put on a musical benefit show to raise money for Dan's hospital bills, but all I want to do is hang out with musicians and write stories and travel to the far side of the horizon. I'm torn. I'll see Dan tomorrow. then I'll decide.
Last week I was in Seattle. The folk festival was amazing. I met alot of great musicians and learned some cool songs. and yeah. I guess I gotta call my bro Emmdizzle and see how he's a faring. this old world gets mighty heavy sometimes.
Thanks for bringing so much interesting thought into my life Jeremy, you keep my mind buzzing in such a pleasant way.
I'll be seein' y'all!

pkennedy said...

Well, I'm home (CT home) for the first time in a year; but I'm sure you guys know that feeling... Turns out there is nothing terribly wrong with my nose! Growing up I had a perpetual stuffy nose. We thought it was some medical problem. Turns out it was only my allergies to cats, because my nose is running like a son-ma-bitch, now!!! and it hasn't for the last year. I'm allergic to home. :(

Had an offer to make a short movie. It is intended to be played as a backdrop for a native American dance performance. I'd direct and shoot a group of dancing horses, each adorned with their very own naked native American rider. Luckily, my schedule did not permit my involvement. Porn is a last resort, not my first paid gig!

emmett said...

Well Fun boy,
I've got to write up questions and prepare myself for a Protestant Congregationalist mass tomorrow morning at the church next door, and interviewing the minister Dr. Bruce Hedman. After I do that and transcribe the interview I also need to work on writing up a research paper on our twenty seventh president, the trustbuster to follow T.R., William Howard Taft. He got stuck in the presidential bathtub, which led to them replacing it with a five person supertub.
I've also got a couple of acrylic paintings to crank out, using the subject of a gorilla guerrilla anarchist named Clenched Fist and a Status Quo punkrockstar named Johnny Acid.
I'm also reading A Streetcar Named Desire in class. I've been reading for Stanley, and doing a perfectly misogynistic job of it.
Life is burning up inside of me as I rocket towards the end of the school year, and today I washed my boss's car. It was the first car I ever washed. It was easy, but made me feel like and indentured servant, and all the while Roger Taylor was crooning "I'm in Love With My Car" from Queen's A Night at The Opera in my ear.
Oh, and I've taken up the Fellowship of the Ring again. This time I intend to finish the series for good.

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