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30 January 2010

Chaos and Complexity: The Universe is a Beautiful Place

I just wanted to share this absolutely beautiful documentary from the BBC on Chaos. It's in six parts, all below, but you can go through them on YouTube as well. Watch it and be amazed!

13 January 2010

More Jon Stewart and Jeremy Trombley's Economic Principle No. 1

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You see, if our financial leaders - those who made the decision to give enormous amounts of taxpayer money to our failing banks - had thought in terms of Jeremy Trombley's Economic Principle No. 1, they might have given that money directly to taxpayers or used it to fund social programs such as universal health care or green energy initiatives to create jobs. Instead, they did exactly what they had been doing for decades - they redistributed tax money to the wealthy where it couldn't do any good for ordinary Americans. People who are so opposed to big government, and spending tax money on social programs need to realize this: We Pay Taxes, that money gets spent, it can be used to line the pockets of those who already have money (as is usually the case), or it can be given back to us in the form of tax breaks, social programs and other projects that benefit everyone.
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