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17 April 2010

An Ecology of Mind

I just learned that Nora Bateson is working on a documentary about her father Gregory Bateson. More information can be found at the website. There is a short preview posted and a nice homage written by Fritjof Capra. Nora is seeking donations (as little as $10) to complete the film and get it released - if you can, please contribute. It seems like it will be a very nice, though-provoking film, and it's coming at a time when Bateson's ideas are more relevant than ever. I'm making my donation, and I can't wait to see the film when it's complete.


michael~ said...

it's getting pretty ridiculous how much our interests overlap J!

Bateson was an early but massive influence on me. I intend to get back to his work sometime soon, because I read 'Naven', 'Steps' and 'Mind & Nature' cover to cover, one after another, when I was 23.

I want to read him again, soon, in the context of what I think I know now.

Maybe we should do a Bateson reading group in the summer or fall???

Anyway, I'll now go give my donation for the film, thanks.

Jeremy Trombley said...

Bateson is great. I have an earlier post on him somewhere - my thoughts on some of his ideas - I'd love to get your opinion. I don't meet many people who've actually read much of his stuff. I've gone through Steps, M&N, and Angels Fear - all very insightful and inspiring to me. I have to go back now too, though, because I love Bateson and I love Latour, but I'm not sure how they mesh with one another. So I'd definitely be up for a reading group!

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