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29 April 2010

Henry Giroux on the Political Economy of Schools recently posted this video of Henry Giroux, author of The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex, in which he gets very fired up about the political economy of education. He talks about two wars against youth in the US; a "soft war" - driven by media saturation and the consolidation of media ownership - and a "hard war" - a disciplinarian, high-tech surveillance culture in schools which removes "problem children" and hinders the development of an open democratic sphere.
Some of the stories Giroux tells are horrifying and infuriating - stories of 5 year olds being handcuffed and taken to psychiatric ward, of children being tasered, of children being arrested for participating in a food fight. He says at the end that we need to start thinking of schools differently - as places that "create the possibilities for people to be in this world" rather than as testing factories and teachers as "public intellectuals."

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michael~ said...

I like how passionate he is on these issues. Malcolm X said anger is a gift, but many find it more effective to fashion it into a weapon. His weapon is his scholarship. Thanks for posting this.

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