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08 August 2010


I met an actual scammer yesterday!  I was on a field visit with some co-workers, including one Native American man.  This guy came up to our party and introduced himself to the Native guy, and said that if his tribe has problems with diabetes he could help them.  He said he was setting up some "health resorts" to help Native Americans return to a traditional diet - cause it's the "White Man's Diet" that causes diabetes.  I know that there's plenty of evidence that Western diets are linked to diabetes, particularly among indigenous populations (see here for example), but I think it's terribly unethical of him to try and profit from the issue. 
He seemed very genuine, and convinced that he would only be helping the Native Americans, so maybe he's not a scammer in the normal sense.  But he's promoting medical advice - that the link between tanning and Melanoma is fabricated (and, by the way, he happens to own a spa), and his "health resorts" for Native Americans - without any medical training, while using the title Doctor to give himself credibility.  He's not an MD, though, he's an Ed.D.  That alone is disingenuous.
Fortunately my Native friend didn't take him seriously.  I just hope nobody else does either.

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