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09 August 2010

Megan's Excellent Adventure

Good news, everyone!  After over a year of navigating a rat maze of bureaucratic nonsense, my girlfriend, Megan, has finally received her invitation to a Peace Corps program.  It's been a harrowing experience for her already, but the most exciting part is yet to come.  She'll be leaving in September, and is slotted to go to Africa (still not sure what country, but she's speculating that it's Tanzania) to teach math & science.

I'm very excited for her - I think this will be a great experience.  I will miss her a great deal, but we've got a strong relationship, so I have no doubt that we'll still be together when she returns.  In fact, I hope I can go visit her sometime while she's there.  I've always wanted to go to Africa - this will be the perfect excuse!

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