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16 September 2010

Some Links

I don't usually do links posts, but I really found these great and wanted to share.  I hope some of you like them and will share them as well.

First is an open letter from Michael Moore to Rahm Emanuel called "Happy Fuckin' Labor Day!"  I ran into this through the Savage Minds weekly round up, and really enjoyed it, though I'm not a huge Michael Moore fan.

Next up are two interviews (here and here) with Kim Stanley Robinson - the author of the fantastic Red Mars, which I read this past summer and absolutely loved (much thanks to Levi Bryant for the initial impetus).  Reading these interviews just makes me want to go read all of his stuff even more.  Damn school reading!  I find it particularly interesting that he cites people like Latour and Haraway - I don't typically think of my sci-fi writers reading things like social theory, but it explains why I like his books so much.

The last thing is a lecture by Kim Stanley Robinson.  I haven't watched it yet, but I will this weekend.  If it's anything like those interviews, I'm sure I'll really enjoy it.  The first video is below, but you can find the rest here.

On another note, I just found out that my proposal has been accepted for a presentation at the American University Public Anthropology Conference.  I'll be talking about my work this past summer and how I came to think of my role as a mediator in Latour's sense of the term - altering the conditions and possibilities for creating a new world (however minimally...).  If you'll be there, let me know!

Oh, and hey, look at the bottom of each post - there's a new blog feature with links to similar posts!  I stole that from Michael at Archive Fire.  If you, for whatever inexcusable reason, are not familiar with his blog, then you should go over there first thing and read it cover-to-cover.  :)


Adrian said...

Hi Jeremy - Nice format/layout... If you like Robinson for his theory-friendliness, try Samuel Delany. Smartest SF writer in the universe.

michael- said...

thanks for the shout-out Jeremey! i still owe you about 10 responses to. Great comments on the DRG by the way! cheers-

Jeremy Trombley said...

@Adrian - Thanks for the recommendation - I'll add him to my ever-growing list!

@Michael - No problem, and no rush on those responses - I'll be getting real busy real fast in the next few weeks. It's just been nice to have a short lull to get some of my own work done before getting swamped with class work. Look forward to reading your DRG posts!

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