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28 October 2010

Premier Wen Jiabao on the Future of China and The USA

I recently read this interview with Wen Jiabao conducted by Fareed Zakaria.  I think it's really interesting they way he conceptualizes China's future - even if it's not the orthodox opinion in China, I hope it at least has some influence.  Certianly, there are problems with how China is developing - issues of justice, freedom, and human rights - but Jiabao seems to suggest that it's not all bad, and they're making some progress while we in the US are busy fighting ideological battles that get us nowhere.  Here's a nice quote:
I have summed up my political ideals in the following four sentences: To let everyone lead a happy life with dignity. To let everyone feel safe and secure. To let the society be one with equality and justice. And to let everyone have confidence in the future. In spite of the various discussions and views in the society, and in spite of some resistance, I will act in accordance with these ideals unswervingly and advance, within the realm of my capabilities, political restructuring.

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btmc said...

I like how his only allusion to censorship is here, "All this must be conducted within the range allowed by the constitution and the laws so that the country will have normal order." Good political double speak. Also nice how the interviewer completely avoids any mention of Tibet. That sort of PR reporting makes me sick. Of course there is a reason for it, if you rake someone through the muck you'll get the reputation as a muck raker and no one will agree to be interviewed by you again.
Still, can't we try to be straight with our news?

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