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04 December 2010

Immanence 2.0

Yesterday, Adrian Ivakhiv moved his blog, Immanence, to a new site with a new theme, and a new RSS feed.  I'm taking the time to mention it because Adrian's blogging has been a major influence on my intellectual development over the last two years.  Every post is rich with beautiful imagery, novel philosophical thought, and suggestions for further reading and exploration.  In fact, many of the books on my reading list in the last two years have been pulled directly from his posts, and I would argue that his influence more than anyone other's has helped me find my place on the theoretical landscape (though I also owe a great debt to Levi Bryant, Graham Harman, Michael at Archive Fire, and a handful of really excellent professors that I've had the good fortune to work with). 
Those of you who read and enjoy this blog, who are somehow not familiar with Immanence (in spite of the fact that I mention it all the time) should go to the new site now and subscribe to the feed.  I guarantee that your life will be enriched because of it.

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michael- said...

Thanks for the mention J!

BTW: just though you’d wanna know, call for submissions for Four Stone Hearth #107 Anthropology Blog Carnival is here:

Maybe you have an explicitly anthro related post you'd like to let me know about, or write up for it?

This carnival attracts a lot of web traffic, might be worth it....


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