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10 January 2011

State of the Re:Unioin: Appalachia Rising

Yesterday I caught bits of the NPR show State of the Re:Union while driving to work.  This week's episode focused on Appalachia and the mountain-top removal (MTR) coal mining that has devastated the environment and the communities in the region.  They start with a segment on the history of resistance in Appalachia including the Civil Rights movement, the Women's Suffrage movement, and the Labor movement, and then go on to talk about more recent efforts to halt MTR.  They interview several activists and community members who are fighting the practice, and look at its effects on the area.  The show ends with a nice segment on how a radio show has helped to make life a bit better for a prison community in rural Kentucky by helping to bring prisoners closer to their families and offering them a place to express themselves.

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