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24 February 2011

The Goal of the Political

"... the goal of the political activist should be to be like a knot of wood. The goal should be to occupy the position of a singularity that must be navigated. This would be the case regardless of whether or not one is sympathetic to the politician or shares her ideology. It is only in this way that the political subject can play a role in forming the social space."   -Levi Bryant, Larval Subjects
Levi Bryant has an excellent post on the meaning of politics and the goals of the political activist.  I would argue, though that being a knot is not the only goal of the political activist - this sounds too static and passive to me.  Rather, the goal should be to build relations to create the world that we envision.  The more relations we build - in Levi's terms, perhaps, the more objects we construct - the more others will have to navigate our system.  Hopefully, one that is more just and sustainable than what we have now.  That may ultimately require compromise, but we should hold our to our vision as an ideal - we're all entitled to that ideal even if we can never really make it actual. 
In other words, we must all be teleological - strive for ends - but recognize that the world is not teleological.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with your point vis a vis knots and relations. That's what I was getting in. The goal would be to construct assemblages that become forces that must be navigated.


Jeremy Trombley said...

I thought it was, Levi. I just wanted to rephrase it a bit. :)

michael- said...
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michael- said...

Great comments Jeremy. Do you think we could link what you say here (and what Levi suggests in his post) with Connolly's "resonance machines"? The more "knots", nodes and instantiations of onto-political goodness we cultivate the stronger the assemblage and resonance we can create to affect positive change.

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