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21 February 2011

How to Fix the Deficit

 Adrian Ivakhiv has a nice post up about building a progressive Tea Party.  The key would be highlighting corporate tax evasion, and building a movement around making them pay their share based on the notion of fiscal responsibility that the Tea Party has been promoting.  After reading it, Megan pointed out - a US version of the UK Uncut movement that protested Vodafone for tax evasion. 

The only flaw here that I can see is that Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that taxes are bad, and that corporations do their share through a kind of trickle-down effect - providing jobs, funding innovation, etc.  I'm not sure that British people or Europeans in general have bought this same ideology.  Adrian points out that 61% of Americans support taxing the wealthy to reduce the deficit, but does that really translate into a movement to stop corporate tax evasion?  I don't know, but I'm going to support them anyway, and you should too!  Let's hope it catches on.

PS - They're planning a nation-wide event this coming Saturday.  See the website for details.

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