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04 February 2011


I probably haven't been following the events in Egypt as much as most of you, and probably not as much as I ought to be, but it seems impossible not to hear about it and everyone seems to have their opinions.  I have to say I have mixed feelings about it all, mostly because I'm not completely sure what's going on.  I suppose no-one really knows what's going on or what's going to come of all of this.  Adrian describes the situation well:
"all that there are (essentially) are moments — relational alignments opening up onto particular sets of possibilities, of which some become actualized and others do not, through the activity of the singular points of agency woven into each of them. But revolutionary moments are big moments, those in which many highly dynamic processes converge to create possibilities for radical change spanning layers and levels of activity that rarely get aligned all together in one fell swoop."
I read Graham's posts as he evacuated with a sense of horror.  I'm not sure who's responsible for these seemingly senseless acts of violence, but it's quite disturbing.  But I've also seen some bits of inspiration coming out of the chaos.  I'm not sure what to think or how this will all turn out, but all we can do is let the Egyptian people decide their own fate and hope for the best. 

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