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23 May 2011

Moving Forward

Sorry for my absence, everyone.  It's been a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining month for me.  But I'm happy to announce, that I am officially a Master of Applied Anthropology!

Me (bottom right) and my fellow MAA Graduates.
Now it's on to my Ph.D. for which I'll be continuing on at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Over the summer, I'll be working on a proposal for an NSF grant to study the Chesapeake Bay water quality model, and I'll be working with Michael on an invasive species project.  It should be an interesting summer. 

As I've promised, I'll have a whole lot more to post in the coming months.  I hope to get a number of projects going on this blog including a series of posts on Bateson's Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity, and a set of posts outlining some thoughts on the practice of anthropology and activism.  Hope some of you have held on through this unexpected hiatus, and are eagerly anticipating my summer bump in activity!  :)


pkennedy said...

: ) Bummed your not coming to VT... but congrats!!! Maybe your next invasive species project should be to get the damn Zebra Muscles out of Lake Champlain - every year, at least two of our campers go home with large gashes in their feet because of them.

Its been an amazing and transitional few years to follow. A Ph.D. is a far cry from QVCC, and super-bad ass. Best of luck with all the projects! I'm excited to hear more about the study, if you get the grant.

michael- said...

congrats J! All the best.

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