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13 July 2011


There are several posts up this morning on nihilism in object-oriented ontology (OOO) - see herehere, and here.  The point seems to be that, because OOO claims that humans are merely one being among many it degrades values and meaning in the world.  I don't find that to be the case at all, and I agree with all three of the above posts that correlationism offers far more nihilistic potential than OOO or speculative realism in general.  If all values are human constructs and humans are the only beings involved in the creation of meaning, then there can be no basis for comparing values and all meaning is ultimately meaningless.  The only remedy available to such a world-view is to posit a transcendental being (i.e. God) which imbues the world with meaning apart from that which humans create.

For OOO on the other hand, meaning is created by and for all of the different entities that exist in the universe producing a tangled web of meaning and values which we contribute to, but which is not wholly dependent upon us.

It's impossible to be nihilist when you're not alone in the world.

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