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09 October 2011

Latour Reviews Haraway

Just doing some browsing on AnthroSource today, I came across this review written by Bruno Latour for American Anthropologist about Donna Haraway's book Simians, Cyborgs, and Women.  It's interesting - he's mildly critical but sympathetic, saying that she is torn between a modernist tendency to fight power, a post-modernist tendency to prevent any kind of grand unification, and what he calls a nonmodernist desire for an "anthropology of science" or "anthropology of the Western world."  This confusion along with her complex prose and her unfocused "field of study," Latour argues, make the book difficult to decipher. 

Just thought I'd share, since these are two of my favorite theorists, and I love to see how their paths overlap now and then.

1 comment:

Kai said...

oh, they're buddies - but they take jabs at each other all the time. Latour has a few in we have never been modern, haraway has a few in modest witness, Latour replies by dedicating Pandora's Hope to Haraway, etc. etc.

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