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17 January 2012

Going Dark

Today I start my preliminary exam.  Three questions, ten pages each, five days to write them in.  It's certainly doable, but more than a little nerve wracking.  In any case, I'm going dark as soon as I get the questions - no blogging, no emails (except emergencies), no blog reading, no twitter, no Google+, etc.  So if you're wondering where I am or why I haven't responded to you, that's why.  Saturday I'll be free, and I'll reemerge into the daylight then. 


michael- said...


Jeremy Trombley said...

I read it while I was waiting for my exam. Great stuff, and I'm glad I could contribute to the discussion! I may comment more when I get out of the darkness and back to the light.. :)

Actually, I'm doing quite well, got one essay out of the way so far (mostly - still needs some cleaning up) and will be starting on the second soon. :)

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