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13 January 2012


Yesterday, I came back from a short trip to Vermont.  It was an opportunity to get away from the hubbub of College Park/DC, experience some peace and quiet before my preliminary exams next week, and see the beautiful Northeast.  All in all it was a very restful few days, with some very beautiful snowy mountain scenery.  My goal this year is to take more time like that to just relax and enjoy the view while also pushing to get a few things done (papers, and such).  As Rex recently pointed out on Savage Minds, it's important to take time to think, and I've been guilty recently of allowing myself to be distracted. 

While I was up there, though, I got to meet and talk to Adrian Ivakhiv.  We met at a pub in downtown Burlington and had a nice chat about life, philosophy, film, and work.  He's been very busy this past semester, and I've missed reading his always enlightening posts - I look forward to seeing more this coming semester.  He was very nice, and it was great to talk with someone who I can simply take for granted that they know who/what I'm talking about.  I don't mean that in an elitist way - it's just that he and I share some fairly obscure theoretical interests, which are, fortunately for both of us, becoming less and less obscure. 

So, expect to see a bit more of me on here over the next semester (I'm TAing for a theory class, too, so that will give me an excuse to be engaged!).

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