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29 April 2008

Brewing Chicha - El Día Cuarto

WE HAVE GERMINATION!!!! Words cannot express how excited I am now. I came home for lunch and checked on my corn kernels and saw little tips poking out of the germs of some of them. Now, at 10:30 pm I see that most of the yellow corn is sprouting and much of the black corn has cracked down the middle. You probably can't see it in the picture, but these kernels have sprouts.
In my opinion, this is the key phase - after this, if it gets screwed up it's my fault not Mother Nature's. Now I just have to wait patiently for the acrospires to grow to about twice the length of the kernel - keeping them moist, clean and rotated - and then it will be time for drying.
On a side note - a man named Ted Maclin contacted me today from the Environmental Anthropology listserv (I told them about my experiment and provided the link to my blog). He sent me this link on his experiment with Cock Beer - yes, that's beer with chicken in it...interesting don't you think? Maybe those of you who are not vegetarians would be interested in repeating their experiment...Brendan, I'm thinking of you in particular. :)
Well, friends, keep checking back - this is only the beginning!

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