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20 February 2012

The Problem of Teleology...

... is not that life doesn't orient itself towards ends. The problem is that an obsessive fixation on ends, and goals over processes, results in an anxiety over uncertainty and a fear that things will not turn out as we would like.  Also, it ignores the fact that life doesn't stop moving - that the world is engaged in a constant process of becoming.  Even when we reach a goal, there is more work to be done, more life to be lived.  There is no "Happy Ever After" - and thank the gods for that!

Thanks to Mike Wesch for pointing me to this video, and for reminding me of the greatness of Alan Watts!

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Sherry said...

Thanks Jeremy,

I am struggling with this all the time because I keep hearing how I have to be something when I grow up. And, being the Bohemian that I am I ask in retort: when do you think I will be grown up?

I know that this is true. Life is a process, kinda like a movie and if you are lucky it is more like Grease than one of those black and white musicals with the gratuitous musical interruption. [i love them. but I do not want to live them]

And I annoy the jebus out of people who keep trying to make my salvation road long and boring like a subway through an Iowa cornfield. I prefer long and winding [cue the cute Beattle] myself.

I also intend to share this on facebook. Thanks again. I hope Alan Watts can get through some of these thick skulls.

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